Chess King Online Coming Soon!


We are extremely excited about the development of our Chessking online version. We will provide updates as development progresses. We thank you for being strong supporters of our Chessking game for the past 7 years. 170 total views, no views today

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Susan Polgar


Polgar broke the gender barrier again by becoming the first woman to earn the men’s Grandmaster title by achieving three GM norms and rating over 2500. (Nona Gaprindashvili and Maia Chiburdanidze had earlier been awarded the title by virtue of being Women’s World Champions). Susan’s younger sister Judit earned the title of Grandmaster later in […]

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Maurice Ashely


ST. LOUIS — Maurice Ashley remembers the sounds of the gunshots and the blaring sirens that followed. He was playing chess in a Harlem park, like he did most days, and when he looked up from the board, he saw the shooters trading fire three blocks away. Ashley moved to Brooklyn before high school in the early […]

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Dream MKE


Executive Director Derrick Johnson of Dream MKE aims to help minority entrepreneurs grow with a new fellowship program. (Photo by Rick Brown) For Nkosi Brown, a business began with a game. Founder and president of Cleverhouse Games & Toys, he created his company in 2011 on the back of Chess King, a game he devised while […]

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The Chess King Puzzle Game


Chess King is the only puzzle game that merges the concept of puzzles and the strategic movements of chess to make for one incredible cognitive experience. In this adrenaline rush of fun and competition you are faced with three opponents, the person in front of you, the clock on the side of you and last […]

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When Masters Clash


Grandmaster Clash: One of the most amazing feats in chess history just happened, and no one noticed The previous article may cast doubt on Seth Stevenson’s description of “Carlsen’s enormous brain”, but his Slate article on the Sinquefield Cup was surely the best chess tournament report of 2014 written for a general audience. His portraits […]

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Chess & Discipline


Chess has acquired a high reputation as being a means to discipline the mind, because it requires a strong memory and peculiar powers of combination. It is also generally believed that skill in playing it affords evidence of a superior intellect. These opinions, we believe, are exceedingly erroneous. Napoleon the Great, who had a great […]

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Chess King Review


Game Review on Chess King By Karen Luciana 11/1/13 Chess King is a game of strategy and skill. You use the same pieces as you do in regular chess, but you are not competing to checkmate your opponent. You are trying to solve different puzzles on your own game board. You compete by trying to […]

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