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Cleverhouse Games and Toys, Inc. realizes that any success that we hope to attain is only realized through our lasting commitment to our consumers and community. We have established such commitments with, global businesses, business professionals, educators, students, and community leaders. University of Wisconsin, Madison Entrepreneurial Law Clinic, Milwaukee Area Technical College, Franklin Pierce School, Nicolet High School, Milwaukee Boys and Girls Clubs, Board Game Barrister, Wisconsin Scholastic Chess Federation, and Sharp-As A-Tack are but a few of the many individuals and organizations that have dedicated their time and support to assist Cleverhouse in our journey to becoming a global entity in the Casual Game Market.

We will invigorate the way that consumers perceive the Casual Game Market by creating unique products that are educational, interactive, visually refreshing and extremely enjoyable to play.

Founded in 2011 Cleverhouse Games and Toys, Inc. is headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


For centuries the ways in which we entertain ourselves has continuously evolved. We have seen innovation at work, with so many technological advances in the last 50 years. The industry is progressing from the standard board game or card game, to hand held games and advanced gaming systems offering products with 3D imagery. Our company looks to bring that innovation and creativity into the products we offer, making the gaming experience with Cleverhouse Games and Toys, Inc. memorable and unique. We are committed to introducing products that are at the forefront of any game and or toy to date.

To create games and toys that have an educational focus but
are engaging and entertaining.

Building the Vision!

Cleverhouse Games and Toys, Inc. is an up and coming game and toy company. Mr. Brown, the president and founder, was exposed to the importance of strategic thinking early in his life from playing chess as a child  with his father. Though as a child, Mr. Brown didn’t foresee how engaging in the play of chess would lead to him creating Chess King, the first chess  puzzle game of its kind.
The vision of Cleverhouse Games and Toys, Inc. came about as Mr. Brown  endured a troubling time in his life. The difficult lessons learned during this  time inspired the first of many games to come. Chess King is Cleverhouse  Games and Toys, Inc. flagship game. Chess King is an acronym for  “Challenges Help Empower Strategy Seeking Knowledge; Inspires New Growth”. The meaning conveyed in the acronym is that through challenges we are empowered to use strategic thinking to seek out a resolution to the
conflict we are facing which is vital to moving beyond the obstacle. Whether  in school, business, or life, choices must be made. The Chess King game  inspires creative thinking in children and adults alike challenging the player’s ability to think quickly and precisely.
The game Chess King is available on three platforms; Chess King the board game, Chess King Curriculum, and Chess King Master the downloadable software APP. Each product is available on the Cleverhouse Games and Toys,  Inc. website. All of the Chess King products are affordable.
Cleverhouse Games and Toys, Inc. aspire to inspire all to become innovative, strategic, creative thinkers! The Cleverhouse Games and Toys, Inc. family is committed to introducing products that are at the forefront of advanced educational games and innovative learning experiences.
Cleverhouse Games and Toys, Inc. strive to build the Casual Game Market  brand globally with the support of their partners and affiliates. Cleverhouse Games and Toys, Inc. family would like to thank their loyal customers for their continued support.



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